Our Story

Welcome to L'accumulation !



L’accumulation started with the premise that living is not simply in its utility, but through the expression of it.
Our homes, as well, become the expressions of our interests, our travels and become a beautiful story that is gathered over time.
With a love for both modernism and nostalgia, we search out new designers that have an affinity for the senses: light, line and color.
We also believe traditional items have a place in the home whether they are made by heritage brands or are limited handmade items.
Valuing design, quality and expression, we work with many designers across the world that share the same vision and carefully select items for our store.
A story of an object can transport you, but nothing is better than the story you will end up creating through the use and enjoyment of these pieces in your own home.
We hope you enjoy your visit and find something for your home to cherish.


Alaina Morrison

Founder - L'accumulation


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